What is this?

This website is a community-led archive of the most creative, inspiring and successful marketing campaigns for games. We celebrate the unique strategies, clever tactics and interesting angles that drive player engagement.

Created in 2020 by Etch Play, the aim is for this gallery of accomplished campaigns to inspire you. In some ways, launching a game has never been easier, but in other ways it has become much harder: Hundreds of new games are released every week, and it takes something special to cut through the noise and attract an audience to your game, especially if you want them to stick around. Making a good game is no longer enough. You need marketing ideas. That's where we come in.

We hope you'll browse the site and feel inspired. If you have any campaigns you'd like to add, whether they're your own or others you've seen in the wild, submit them to us and we'll get them up on the site.

The Extended Experience

At Etch Play, we believe every experience matters. Player impressions are always changing, and engagement with you doesn't need to end when the console is turned off or Steam is closed. With marketing campaigns that evoke and respect your game's unique DNA, you can create an extended experience that spans social media, websites, companion apps, and ultimately build a better relationship with your fans.

That's what we do!

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