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Perhaps one of the most memorable promotional stunts in recent years, Epic Games’ Fortnite team marked the conclusion of the 10th season of their iconic Battle Royale in remarkably destructive fashion. Fortnite’s official twitter account was deleted in the run-up to the end of Season X, replaced solely by an ominous livestream of a black hole. While the game servers were not strictly taken down – players attempting to play the game would be met with an empty, asteroid-ridden landscape, and a countdown ticking down in real time on the map. As expected, the stunt gained huge traction on social media, as fans of the game flocked to content creators for insight into how the anticipated finale would unfold. Epic Games has pioneered large-scale community involvement in their story-telling, leaving fans continuously excited and curious about Fortnite’s next big stunt. 

Epic Games upped-the-anti once again in 2020 with a ground-breaking concept; a Travis Scott live show held exclusively within the Fortnite servers dubbed Astronomical. A fully immersive 9-minute feast for the eyes, Epic pushed their game engine to the limit and delivered a truly unique playable experience with a larger-than-life Travis Scott roaming the map delivering an exclusive 5-track mini-concert.

With over 120M views on Youtube and counting, Astronomical has gone down as a huge viral success for Epic Games.

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