Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt Red

Doubtless one of the most anticipated releases of recent years, Polish developer CD PROJEKT RED’s Cyberpunk 2077 saw a series of online streaming events dubbed Night City Wire, with each stream showcasing a different major aspect of core gameplay. Each 30 minute episode allowed viewers to piece the game together stream by stream - an effective strategy for sustaining hype over time and generate continuous talk surrounding Cyberpunk 2077.     

Streaming live to Twitch, the 5 episode series amassed 1.46M hours watched, with somewhat unsurprisingly the first episode with the most view time, and the last episode with the second most. 


Live Streaming the shows enabled the hype for “heard it first” fans and facilitated discussion in real-time with the content.  

Each episode was also uploaded to YouTube for those that missed it live or wanted to go back for re-watched, which has seen 9.7M views to date. This allowed for discussions to continue after the initial airing, with 36.5K comments to date across the series.  

A special edition episode was also added to  YouTube with Xbox game footage, which saw an additional 2.4M views. Thus highlighting the importance of showcasing gameplay footage as well as only cinematic content.  

The first episode aired in June, and then from August onwards were released monthly which was a nice cadence for maintaining engagement and excitement in the run up the eagerly awaiting December release. Both the live streamed and YouTube videos experienced a drop in engagement between episodes 2-4, the final episode on Twitch saw a slight resurgence in viewing figures, whereas on YouTube the final episode was in fact the lowest viewed and commented of the series.  

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