Valve, Red Bull

Red Bull’s in-house media team produced a feature length documentary following the ups-and-downs of professional DOTA 2 team OG, in their run up to the biggest tournament of their careers; The Invitational 8. The lengthy 80-minute documentary saw viral success, which goes to show not all marketing content needs to be bite-sized.

Red Bull has been making a statement recently that e-sports is a firm fixture in their sponsorship wheelhouse, and their injection of high-quality content has been welcomed by online game publishers such as Valve for DOTA 2, and more recently Wizards of the Coast’s Magic: The Gathering Arena with their Red Bull Untapped tournament circuit.

Esports focused marketing is a fairly new phenomena, however the ever-growing market for esports is showing no signs of stopping – giving marketing strategists a new avenue to explore.

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