League of Legends

Riot Games, Louis Vuitton

Iconic fashion house Louis Vuitton saw an unlikely partnership with esports giants Riot Games through a League of Legends inspired collection, which sold out within an hour of release in their European Online store. League of Legends’ titanic popularity in China is assumed to be the motivation for this exclusive crossover, given Louis Vuitton’s popularity amidst a younger, e-sports savvy Chinese demographic.

The partnership saw Louis Vuitton feature as part of League of Legends World Championship final, which at it's peak registered concurrent viewer numbers of 45.95 million people. So it isn't hard to see how valuable for Louis Vuitton a collaboration with League of Legends is, getting so many eyeballs on their brand. 

League of Legends is one of the most popular and well know esports games around, but despite this, getting more press attention is never a bad thing. Their collaboration with LV garnered positive media attention for both brands, reaching audiences in both the fashion and gaming press. Due to the high profile nature of both entities, this also was reported on in the wider mainstream press as well. 

On top of the publicity, League of Legends also released Louis Vuitton skins to purchase within the game, costing around $10 each.  

As we see more and more fashion x gaming collabs, it indicates this is a trend in the mainstream that is here to stay.

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